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Bearlieve Bear

Bearlieve Bear

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Bearlieve in magic with Bearlieve Bear! As seen in the “Glisten and the Merry Mission” movie, Bearlieve Bear is a magical new way to play. This classic brown teddy bear has an extra special feature – it responds to the sound of your voice!

All of our online friends come stuffed, and cub condos an be purchased in store for $4.00

Here’s how it works:

    • Press the red heart on the bear’s paw to wake it up.
    • Bearlieve Bear will respond to the sound of your voice when it’s awake!
    • When you’re done playing, simply press the paw again and your bear will fall back asleep.

 This one-of-a-kind teddy bear adds an interactive element to playtime. You can even personalize Bearlieve Bear with the outfits and accessories of your choice to make a truly magical gift!

 Bearlieve Bear Full Instructions:

    • When battery pack is switched to ON: bear’s eyes will close.

 Wake Up Mode

    •  To wake up the bear, press the red heart on the paw for 3 seconds.

Play Mode

    • Once the bear is awake, it is in Play Mode and will respond to a voice.
    • If no one speaks to the bear for 60 seconds, the bear will go to sleep and no longer react to a voice.
    • Once the bear is asleep, the red heart on the paw will need to be pressed for 3 seconds to put the bear back into Play Mode.
    • If the paw is not pressed to reactivate Play Mode after an additional 30 seconds, the bear will go into Power Saving Mode – eyes will be open in Power Saving Mode.
    • To reactivate the bear from Power Saving Mode, press the red heart on the paw for 3 seconds to bring it back to Wake Up Mode.

Sleep Mode

    • At any time in Play Mode, Sleep Mode can be activated by pressing the red heart on the paw for 3 seconds. The bear is not voice responsive in Sleep Mode.
    • To reactivate the bear, please follow the Wake Up Mode and Play Mode instructions.
    • When battery pack is switched to OFF: bear’s eyes will open. The bear’s eyes will open when the switch is turned to OFF no matter which mode the bear is in.

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